Agnieszka Gajewska

Agnieszka Gajewska - is a graduate of the Faculty of Artistic Graphics at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Art of the University of Silesia in Cieszyn. She obtained her diploma in 2000. In 1992, she received a distinction at the 10th Review of Amateur Visual Art From the Commune to the Voivodeship as part of the Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris Festival. In 1993, distinction at the national youth competition for a poster about AIDS. In 2011, she qualified for the finals of the competition for the anniversary cover of the 2+3D magazine. He has had individual and group exhibitions. Her works are in private collections. She developed and published a comic book for children "Ladybird Lili". He deals with painting, graphics, drawing and commercial graphics.


The impulse to create comes from within, but is a response to the experience of the world in all its complexity and diversity.

Inspiration can come from a small piece of matter, the so-called inanimate, as well as the expression of people in various forms. One glimpse of light is inspiring, but so is the breathtaking sunrise at the top of the mountain.

Life is inspiring!

Art Portfolios

Agnieszka Gajewska - Painting
created 12.10.2023
created 12.10.2023