London, The National Gallery presents Frans Hals

Frans Hals was the most accomplished and also the most expressive portraitist of the Golden Age in the Netherlands. With about 50 paintings, the National Gallery in London presents his largest exhibition in more than 30 years. On September 30, the house opens the show.

September 30, 2023
New York, Monet at Christie's in November

For the 20th Century Evening Sale on November 9, 2023, Christie's has a real highlight: Le bassin aux nymphéas by Claude Monet is expected to fetch $65 million. It has been in the same collection for over 50 years and has never been shown publicly.

September 29, 2023
London: Rare new discovery after more than 100 years

A long-lost painting by Artemisia Gentileschi has been rediscovered in the United Kingdom's royal collection. The Italian Baroque painter created Susanne and the Elders while working at the court of King Charles I in London in the 1630s.

September 28, 2023
Vienna, Albertina: »Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects«

In the 1970s, Joel Sternfeld began his photo series American Prospects. In it, he critically observes everyday, whimsical, business-oriented, and environmentally destructive life in the United States. The ALBERTINA in Vienna will show Sternfeld's important work from September 28 to January 21.

September 28, 2023
London, Tate Britain: »Sarah Lucas: Happy Gas«

With Sarah Lucas: Happy Gas, Tate Britain in London honors one of Britain's best-known female artists. She is one of the legendary Young British Artists who challenged England's art scene around 1990. Current works will also be on view here beginning Sept. 28.

September 27, 2023
Los Angeles, Getty Museum: »Finding an Audience: 19th-Century Drawings«

We often encounter hand drawings in museums today, but originally most had a different, smaller audience. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles explores the fascinating history of this medium in Finding an Audience: 19th-Century Drawings. The show opens Sept. 26.

September 25, 2023
New York, Metropolitan Museum: »Manet/Degas«

Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas: two world-famous painters who once brought art together and also separated it again. In Manet/Degas, the Metropolitan Museum shows the evolution of two major œuvres in the history of art. The show will be on view in New York beginning September 24.

September 24, 2023
Washington, D. C., National Gallery of Art

An art exhibition about Native American divergence, The Land Carries Our Ancestors features nearly 50 contemporary "Native artists" who explore their traditions and living circumstances in all art media. The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. opens Sept. 22.

September 22, 2023
London, Royal Academy of Arts: »Marina Abramović«

A journey through the most famous performances of a border crosser: Marina Abramović has been considered a leading artist of her genre for almost 50 years. At the Royal Academy of Arts, visitors to London can experience revivals of some of her performances, as well as her installations, videos and photographs, starting September 23.

September 21, 2023
Los Angeles County Museum of Art: »The World Made Wondrous«

An art exhibition with a special concept: In The World Made Wondrous: The Dutch Collector's Cabinet and the Politics of Possession, the fictitious collection of a Dutchman is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum. Beginning Sept. 17, this recreation of a so-called cabinet of curiosities awaits with plenty of background information.

September 17, 2023

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