Artist Statement

In my artistic process I strive to simplify and refine, to bring out an essence.

Curatorial Statement by Ceres González, Head Curator of Galeria Azur

Helena Jungermann, a distinguished Swedish graphic designer and artist, embarks on a journey through the realm of visual aesthetics in her latest series of artworks, the Astral collection. With meticulous attention to detail, Jungermann unveils a captivating world of geometric art that invites viewers to explore the subtleties of form, color, and essence.At the heart of Jungermann's creative philosophy lies a profound desire to simplify and refine, a quest to unearth the essence that resides within the visual realm. Her artistic process mirrors this pursuit, a deliberate journey to distill complexity into its purest form while gently nurturing it to unfurl and evolve.The Astral series is a testament to her artistic vision. Pastel light green hues dominate the canvas, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Interspersed among these calming tones are hints of red and, orange and pink, lending a subtle contrast that infuses the artwork with depth and vitality.In these geometric compositions, Jungermann expertly balances precision with fluidity. Her forms are meticulously crafted, each line and angle imbued with purpose and intention. Yet, beneath the structured facade, there exists an undercurrent of energy, a quiet dynamism that beckons viewers to delve deeper into the artwork's core.