Karin Döring is a visual artist who has been active on the art scene since 2017. In 2018 she first made people sit up and take notice when her first exhibition left a lasting impression with the sale of all her works.

Since 2018, the artist has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions as well as at art fairs in Germany, Austria, Spain and the USA. In 2020 she was awarded Contemporary Art Magazine's Artist of the Future Award. Karin Döring's works are represented in public and private collections.

Karin Döring was born in Germany in 1972 and lives and works in Schwäbisch Hall.

My Journey to Art and Painting

My path to art and painting did not start with art studies, a gallery visit, or a trip to a museum, but with the simple desire to buy a painting. A friend who was an artist opened up a world beyond my imagination. "You can do this yourself," she confidently stated, and took me to an adult education art course titled "Applying Plaster on Large Canvases."

What happened there exceeded all my expectations and completely changed my life. The moment I first touched the canvas with paint, brush, and spatula was more than just an experiment or an introduction. It was a revelation, an inner voice letting me know: "This is it, this is my calling." Since that day, I have lived a life filled with canvases, intense colors, and creative endeavors.

No Guidelines

I love working without any guidelines. This led to the creation of my series HUMAN STRIPES®—an innovative painting technique that allows visitors to my exhibitions not only to see but also to touch and participate in the creative process.

Here, each work is not just a picture, but an experience that challenges the senses and sparks curiosity for more.


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