Susanna Storch

My name is Susanna Storch, I’m a freelance artist, living and working in Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany. My work can be classified as Figurative Realism, focussed on the human being I have been consistently developing this theme in several series of paintings. Portraits, Menschenbilder/Ballet, Landscapes and the Against War series. With my mostly large scaled works, especially the portraits, I’m targeted on the presentation of emotion and expression, trying to find metaphorical images of human sensitivities.

Currently, I’m working in the series Facades, focussed on the presentation of randomly observed everyday life in an urban context. Window scenes, first photographically captured in passing, throw a glimpse into the lives oft the anonymous inhabitants, on the border between private and public space.
In the wake of the pandemic and lockdowns, my series Facades has gained new topicality – unintentionally: The private space or environment, the situation of living took on a much more existential importance for people all over the world.
The motifs for the paintings I found in different cities of Europe and North- and Southamerica, like London, Paris, Venice, Cracow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tallinn, Santiago de Chile, Medellín, New Orleans and Mainz, my hometown.

Art Portfolios

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