Art.Salon –
Selected Artists 2024

Annual catalog 2024. Portfolio of 70 remarkable artists from our artist program with portrait, interview and works.

288 pages,
256 color images of artworks.

35 €
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Sylvia von Bernstorf
Matthias Thelen
Catherine Lupis Thomas
Mathias Kadolph
Maja Weller
Dror Ben Ami
Jan Kubisa
Eugeniusz Józefowski
Tanja Thordsen
Maris Mellur
Alejandro Soto
Simone Pick
Robert Bluj
Carola Dewor
Petra Rader
Susanna Storch
Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter
Esraa Elgamal
Tina Buchholtz
Anja Mamero
Sébastien Bayette
Tim Benson
Marion Meinberg
Kaan Ege Önal
Ria Groenhof
Vera Pawelzik
Georg Brandner
Kristof Meyer
Kayo Shido
Heide Fischer
Igor Eugen Prokop
Gabriele Utech
Vanessa Onuk
Dirk Jung
Katharina Lichtenscheidt
Renate Gaisser
Katja Nordmeyer
Gerhard Silber
Eva de Günther
Fabian Eichstaedt
Karin Martina Wloczyk
Gina Parr
Alexandra Weidmann
Manfred Leistner
Eva Baumert
Karin Döring
Sabine Hilscher
Bela Balog
Ina Cierniak
Agnieszka Gajewska
Konstantin Déry
Marianne Hopf
Karen Clasen
Steffen Blunk
Max Stiller
Marc Dettmann
Silke Bartsch
Maik Buttler
Helga Kaes
Joachim Wörner
Anna Lagosch
Irmi Moser
Ursula Niehaus
Frauke Petersen
Melanie Belitz
Ulrike Schmelter-Mühle
Agnieszka Krawczyk
Cynthia Nouhra
Christiane Maria Gossel

Dear art lover,
With this catalog, the Art.Salon for the first time presents 70 selected artists and their works. As you browse through the catalog, you will discover a broad spectrum of different positions in every respect: The artists come from 22 different countries of residence and origin and range in age from 27 to over 70, including 46 women and 24 men who are at very different points in their artistic development. They work in the fields of painting, drawing, collage, photo- graphy, sculpture, digital art and various mixed media, figurative, abstract and informal, with a strong political statement or even completely without any message – and yet they all have one thing in common: They participate in our curated artist program, and that means they have convinced us with the qua- lity of their craftsmanship and an independent artistic position. 70 artists who are worth discovering and who make an enriching contribution to the cont- emporary artistic discourse.

The Art.Salon is a project that aims to give art space and create opportunities for encounters – on the Internet, with exhibitions and in direct, personal exchange. Anyone interested in art is invited to participate – artists and art collectors, galleries and museums, auction houses and art lovers.

With our artist program launched in April 2023, we accompany selected artists on their way and want to give their work visibility, introduce them to collectors, galleries and art lovers – not as an anonymous online portal, but in direct, personal exchange, and not for as many artists as possible, but strictly curated, limited to selected positions, fine art that convinces us in every respect and that we present with great pleasure and passion. With this catalog, we are now giving an overview of the first participant accepted for the program – we think with very fine and quite wonderful artists, each a special discovery in itself, all together a promising perspective for contemporary art. I hope you enjoy browsing and discovering.

Yours, Felix Brosius
Founder & CEO, Art.Salon