Curriculum Vitae

Anja Mamero lives and works in Kiel.

*1963 in Hamburg

2022                    Member of GEDOK-SH Lübeck  Community of female artists and art supporters e. V.

2021                    Studio grant Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel, Fabrikstraße 12, Kiel

2020                    Graduation in Master of Fine Art Painting,

                                at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel

2018 - 2020    Student in the Master of Fine Arts, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel,

                                Painting class, Professor Antje Majewski

2016 - 2019    Art projects within the framework of "Kunst-hoch-Schule", Schleswig-Holstein

since 2014       Member of the BBK Schleswig-Holstein

since 2008       Artistic reorientation

since 2004       Free-Lancer as a graduate designer,

                                web design and graphic design, room and color consulting

1997 - 2004    Employed as industrial designer at ma design (today UXMA) in Kiel,

                                product design and user interface design

1997                    Diploma as industrial designer

Artist-Statement by Paula Oltmann

The language of line in Anja Mamero’s work has an ambivalent character. It tells of the interdependence of Mamero’s needs, which move between the poles of order, dynamism and outburst. The straightness of a line is emblematic of order and expresses Mamero’s strong desire to give space to the chaos in her being, to her hurts and thoughts.

The lines, drawn in a rhythmic regularity, like a meditation, provoke this thought. By penetrating the paint, Mamero questions the line in terms of its unpredictable material and formal constitution. The background is also determined by the moment of unpredictability, recalling the feeling of breaking free. In the confrontation of the lines with the autonomy of the background, the ambivalence of Mamero’s work is reflected.

The numerous layers of colour create a physicality as they point the way into the depths. At times, the line exposes deep layers of paint by being scratched into the paint with a knife. Some lines are crossed or dip into the background. In contrast, other lines are overlapping and present themselves confidently in contrast to the background. Foreground and background are thus mutually dependent.

Although the line varies greatly in its constitution, it always remains autonomous in its character and finds its way. As a central element, it determines the process and is the carrier for the movements, which on the one hand give new space to order and security and on the other hand to outbreak and injury. This dynamising moment of confrontation forces Mamero to oppose the large format with all her physicality and freedom. Mamero thus not only poses the question of the constitution of the line, but also questions the space in between the line, the layer of paint, the image carrier and the individual.

Artist-Statement by Antje Peters - Hirt

In Anja Mamero's works, the tension between the lines is in the foreground. Despite their rigidity, they try to make their way out of the grid. Mamero strives to see in repetition the fleeting gestures of autonomy. The fragility of the lines despite their repetition is never the same as the previous one. In her process of calculation and rigidity of line, it is hard to see the imprecision with which the incised line emerges from the surface. These are the veins in which the line breaks out of the manufacturing arrangement and seeks to free itself from the harshness of Mamero's working structure. Her work is characterized by the minimization of gestures and the optimization of labor and material in order to have full control over the process, but not its outcome. For it is precisely these unpredictable imprecisions that constitute her work.

In her further development, the aspects of the consideration of the line have passed into a new value structure. The lines are freer and in the lightness of the brushstroke it holds further inaccuracies, from this the artist draws her inspiration. From the extremely precise work instructions now arise freer sweeping gestures with the fine notations of the line, which shows and loses itself again in the powerful environment of the brushstrokes. Fantasies and thoughts of the viewers are stimulated and can thus also become the stimulating score of their own lives. The approach is not to transform something, but to stimulate the imagination of the viewer. The images arouse curiosity and are open to new interpretations. Reactions to the work are desired by the artist. It is a game of accuracies and inaccuracies, which reflects the aesthetic aspect of art and chaos in its abstraction.

Artist-Statement by Priv.-Doz. Dr. phil. habil. Berthold Grzywatz

... Born in Hamburg, Anja Mamero first studied industrial design and worked as a product designer in Kiel. Since 2004 she has been working as a freelance designer. Four years later, a fundamental artistic reorientation took place, accompanied by manifold art projects, before she became a student at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel in 2018. Two years later, she graduates with a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting. As a scholarship holder of the Stiftung Kunstfonds and Muthesius Kunsthochschule, she is able to continue her artistic work in her Kiel studio. Her participation in the German-Danish exhibition "Experimente/Experimenter" in the Red Palace of Augustenborg in Jutland is likely to be an important success of this activity.

The central design and formal element of Anja Mamero's painting is the line, horizontal or vertical, bundled or serial, rising firmly from a base, captured in dynamics by framing or spontaneously condensed in the surface, oblique, diagonal, applied with broad brushstrokes. The surfaces of her paintings, usually with acrylic as a base and oil as a surface, are variously layered, prepared from light to dark and sparingly nuanced in color. The construction of the lines is often based on manual work, carving them into the color surfaces with a knife of varying width and density. In addition, she uses the technique of percussion line imprinting. In this method of working, threads soaked in paint are placed on the canvas and weighted with weights at the ends to trace lines on the support.

The rhythmic regularity of the lines in the surface experiences an ambivalence for the seeing through the hand-guided execution: What appears to be an ornamental pattern to the distant eye turns out to be a moving web with multiple spaces in between or a kind of knotted cord with variant bodies when viewed up close.

The painter and photographer Alexander Rodchenko has argued that a new world view has opened in the lines, namely, to build according to the essence and not to depict. This idea may express the utopia of a world organized according to clear principles, possibly the hope for a life based on controllability and balance, but at the same time the expressive power of the line as an elementary force is beyond question.

Mamero's painting, based on the line, may be subject to an organized plan, to a systematic method according to a fixed concept, to the principle of repetition, but the rows, i.e. the repetitions and variations of the line, nevertheless do not embody stasis, a freezing of time, as it were, but intensity, energy and, not least, movement, which oppose any seclusion from the world ...

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2024           Group Exhibition, GEDOK WERK-SHOW 2024, Anscharpark 8, Kiel, Germany

2024           Solo Exhibition, "Alte Post" Sylt-Westerland, Germany

2024            Stipendiaten Group Exhibition-Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Anscharpark 8, Kiel 

2024             Pop-Up Pavillon, Solo Exhibition, Kiel

2024             Groupshow 24 for 24, Art.Salon  Berlin, Fasanenstraße 42

2023/24     70th State Exhibition Schleswig-Holstein, Gottorf Castle

2023             QUADRAT, chain store Gollan, Lübeck

2023             DYADE, Artistic Positions from Mecklenburg- Vorpommern

                         and Schleswig-Holstein, Schwerin

2023             New members exhibition GEDOK - SH Lübeck

2023.            Museum night in Lübeck

2023             Museum night in Kiel - plus KONGLOMERAT Group Exhibition

2022/23     69th State Exhibition Schleswig-Holstein, City Gallery Kiel

2022             verRATEN, xpon-art Gallery, 

                         group exhibition in Hamburg

2022            "Experimenter / Experiments" DK Kolding

2022             LINE UP, [ Der Lokschuppen ], Rendsburg

2022             AS A MATTER OF FORM , off-space room, Kiel

2022            "Experimenter / Experiments" The red Palaais,

                          DK-6440 Augustborg

2021             Weekend of the museums, Kesselhaus Anscharpark, Kiel

2021             Weekend of museums, artegrale, Kiel

2021             FUTUR3 Festival, Kiel

2021            1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, Kiel

2020             MFA exhibition, Flämische Straße, Kiel

2019             Solo exhibition lost & found, Kunstraum B, Kiel

2015             Artist books at SAUTTER & LACKMAN, Hamburg

2014 /15    61st State Exhibition Schleswig-Holstein, Eutin Castle