Bela Balog was born in 1970 (Senta). He lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.
He is a contemporary artist, mainly associated with Surrealism, Deconstructivism, Fluxus, Neo Dada, Neo Expressionism, Virtual art, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Neo-figuration / New figuration.

Simple lines, shapes, shading and colors are often a more difficult way to tell a story visually. Yet this is the way that most naturally and accurately expresses mood, opinion, and freedom.The latter, i.e. freedom, is the most basic thesis of the artistic approach. Without it, there is no real art, only limited thinking.Presenting the world, revealing the truth. People look up to and pay attention to artists. This comes with responsibility. We can show reality, freedom and justice. This can inspire everyone in their field later.

"All my artworks are a process of a story, a plot. Stories that surround my narrower or wider environment. Sometimes it’s a simple newspaper article or a photo inspired, but there are times when it’s a literary work, a movie, or the streets around my residence, the riverside, or the people."

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Bela Balog - Budapest, Hungary
created 16.01.2024
created 16.01.2024