multi-layerd photo Sculptures

Christiane Fleissner studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1994-2000 and graduated in 2001 with a diploma under Professor James Reineking.
Prior to her studies, the artist completed a 3-year vocational training programme as a wood sculptor and then worked for several months in the well-known sculpture workshops in Pietrasanta-Carrara/Italy.
Since then she has lived and worked in Munich and Upper Bavaria. Her works can be found in numerous collections at home and abroad.

The sculptor, who works primarily with photography, developed special processing techniques to visualise spatial and temporal layers in her photographic works, including as installations.
She overcomes the spatial limits of photography as a flat medium and thus achieves the possibility of penetrating the space, history and aesthetics of our living environment. This opens up completely new, previously undiscovered perspectives.
Layers of rock, which simultaneously open up a spatial and a temporal dimension, as well as visible traces of man-made changes in the landscape are just some of the themes behind which a deep reflection on nature, man and time is revealed.

Text: Sibylle Omlin