'In my (moving) pictures I deal with people, their longings in connection with their bodies in dance and the liquid.'

Corinna Rosteck, who grew up in Hameln and Ibiza, is a freelance artist in the fields of photography, video and installation. After study visits and prestigious scholarships in London, Paris, New York and Japan, she lives and works in Berlin. She has successfully realized art-in-architecture projects with renowned companies such as B.Braun AG, Airbus AG and others. She is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, Cologne and the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin. Her work has been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions. Her works can be found in public collections worldwide, including in Frankfurt, Berlin and Abu Dhabi.
Water and dance are the central themes of her painterly photographic works. In her pictures she questions localization, change and dissolution, dream and reality. From series to series, this photographic painting process is refined, perception is sharpened and differentiated.
It is about the transition, the dynamic, constantly endangered balance, visually reinforced by multiple exposures, cross-fades, shifts in perception and the transformation of time.
Painterly photography on metallic surfaces of Corinna Rosteck's photographs, which at first glance appear cool seem to open up on closer inspection. The dialogue between the viewer and the photograph creates a form of liveliness and immediacy, as the reflective and luminous water oscillates between representational reproduction and abstract structure.

In dialogue with productions by well-known dance ensembles and with solo dancers, Corinna Rosteck develops her own performances and installations dedicated solely to the creation of her works. Visuals from reanimated still images and slow motion moving shots interact with her artistic partners to create performative installations.

Corinna Rosteck has spent months every year on Ibiza, the legendary "white island", since her earliest childhood. A kaleidoscope of alternative lifestyles shaped her artistic 'coming out' for this place of longing. Atmospheric snapshots of a surreal enclave present Ibiza as a sensual continuum, a stable myth and Mediterranean (dream) space. Her first creative works were created here, watercolors inspired by artists from the Spanish art scene such as Tapies, Miró and the Zero group.