Recent Drawing and Sculpture

My recent work has emerged from my sense of interconnectedness between my own individual recovery from a serious medical crisis and the larger global environmental crisis brought on by global warming. My own slow healing finds resonance and hope in the work of plants which remediate and mend environmental damage. Drawings of plants used in phytoremediation, a process wherein plants absorb, reduce and clean up toxic contaminants in soil, water, or air explore the contemporary alchemy of this transformative biological process. Other drawings  are self-portraits which have been cut into weft, and then woven into a warp cut in a landscape. The landscape images depict scenes brought on by global warming: melting glaciers, dying trees, and more. The structural matrix of the woven paper connotes the inextricable connection of each individual to the larger fate of our warming planet.  The sculptures evoke the same intimate connection of the self to the arc of global events.