" I have a fundamental need and longing to find the space I was denied at home as a child. My practice is fuelled by a mix of memories, imagination and reality and explores the themes of love, loss, time and identity".

The Arts writer Kate Reeve - Edwards says of Gina Parr's painting work:
“The luminous illusory nature of Gina Parr’s work is intangible in terms of its relationship to place, yet it calls out loudly to the viewer’s inner landscape. This dreamy, slightly melancholic quality harmonizes with what she herself is exploring within their portents, the notion that we are all formed by our personal journeys, our experiences, and our relationships. Her paintings are hypnotic, providing a veil into the misty underworld of the subconscious that we are gently seduced into. Parr’s work asserts itself as both a window and an object, calling our attention to the application, tertiary colour palette, the bleeding marks that lead our eye around the space, the bold chiaroscuro. All this ensures the presence of human touch and grounds us to the beauty of the object, stopping us from floating off entirely into a misty reverie.”

Renata Maiblum Art Consultants Copenhagen says of Gina Parr's Photographic work:

“Gina Parr´s approach is a microcosm of surface, fragments of diversity founded on variety of exteriors; some human made, others adopting form by natural causes. Their very strong presence lends them the appearance of enlarged particles, those vibrant atoms of the place. The images exist by themselves, without need for definitions or description and, with their tactile and lively texture, seem as paintings. Parr removes from the viewers the possibility of knowing what the images really are; and her practice is to expose a world of illusions where the viewer self experiences the works purely by their visuality and not by their predeterminate definitions.”

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Art Portfolios

Gina Parr - Paintings
created 23.08.2023
created 23.08.2023
Gina Parr - Photographs - Habana Series 2016
created 23.08.2023
created 23.08.2023
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