A painting should ignite a firework of associations and dreams, moods and feelings, starting a great mental cinema.

Horst Güntheroth is an artist – and a Doctor of Quantum Physics. In his mainly abstract works he regularly combines perspectives from both frames of reference, using inquiry and experimentation to address perceptions of the world within us and around us, of the universal and the mundane. Scientific insights are a frequent source of inspiration. Thus much of his work is inspired by structures in the micro- and macro-cosmos. But Güntheroth is also fascinated by fleeting visits to other spheres, where the signature keenness of his eye takes him beyond the apparently familiar. With a fusion of scientific, philosophical and aesthetic perspectives his motivation is, for the most part, to redefine. In addition, he is fascinated by color compositions, the elements of which he repeatedly creates new and brings in exciting relationships with one another.

Güntheroth is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists and exhibits internationally. His paintings already are shown in Belgium, England, France, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.