Kaan Ege Önal was born in Turkey in 1996 and grew up in a family of artists. His parents studied at renowned academies for “Traditional Turkish Arts” in Istanbul, which influenced his artistic destiny from the start. The artist's childhood was spent in art galleries, museums and art fairs rather than in playgrounds, as his parents actively participated in exhibitions and art fairs.

The official journey into art began in 2010 with a visit to the high school for fine arts. He successfully completed his painting studies at the University of Mersin before the artist moved to Germany in 2017 to deepen his artistic skills on an international level.

The artist has been presenting his works in German galleries since 2022 and has received several awards for his paintings, including a nomination for the “Art Prize Germany 2022”. Particularly noteworthy is his solo exhibition “Body Politic” at the renowned Kunsthalle Osnabrück in 2023.

These successes mark highlights in his artistic career and underline his voice in the art world. The artist values the absence of a clear future plan as a source of satisfaction.

Inspired by masters such as Caravaggio and Raffaello in painting and Marina Abramović and Olivier de Sagazan in performance art, the artist has developed his own artistic signature. His career reflects how roots in Turkey, coupled with international influences, have resulted in a fascinating artistic journey that continues to attract the attention of the art world.