Contemporary abstract artist working in painting and sculpture in New York.

I am interested in how Carl Jung theorized the unconscious minds are connected to a deeper collective unconscious which is said to contain archetypes that are universal patterns of behavior and images that are common to all humans, regardless of culture or time period. In quantum physics, the concept of entanglement suggests that particles can be connected in ways that are not limited by physical distance or time. This idea of non-locality implies that there may be a deeper level of connectedness between individuals than what is observable in the physical world.

My work is to capture the obscured fragments from the unconscious into “Emotional Landscape” in abstract manner. Inspired by the process of natural phenomena by which landscapes are shaped, such as erosion by wind and water as they flow through land – those processes and movements are the foundation for my work. The movements resonates with the mingled emotions in the minds I try to express and to connect.

Kayo was born in Hyogo, studied at Saga Art College in Kyoto, Japan, Studio School and School of Visual Arts in New York. She works and lives in New York.
Her work has been exhibited at Queens Botanical Garden, Govenor’s Island, Ice Cream Social, Walter Wickiser Gallery, Art of Our Century, One Art Space, Site:Brooklyn, 440 Gallery, Plaxall Gallery, Tenri Gallery, Denise Bibro Gallery, WAH Center, St. Paul the Apostle Church in New York and The Delaware Contemporary in Delaware.