Konstantin Déry

Konstantin Déry, born in 1976 in Budapest (Hungary).

1998 - 2005 studied at the Academy of Fine Art Leipzig - painting / graphics.

Lives and works in Berlin.

A slow work process that leads to Konstantin Déry´s paintings, and with their intricate motifs taken from nature, the viewer is invited to take them in slowly. By applying the paint with palette knives and small wooden implements, he creates rough surfaces that further increase the intensity evoked by the strong colour harmonies and structural diversity of texture that characterize his paintings. An idiosyncratic liveliness, which also inhabits the uncontrolled flora and the formations of decay, meets the viewer´s eye. It inspires a sensation in the joy of seeing, of visually experiencing, as a symbol of being alive. Viewed up close, the images in Déry´s paintings can dissolve into dynamic abstract structures, only to become all the more sensual, charged with a very inner dynamic, when seen from a certain distance.