Nature in reduced opulence

Quiet, reduced, contemplative. This is how the cornfields, grasses and snow-covered landscapes appear in Renate Gaisser’s paintings. Oasis of calm, as if out of time, in a strict reduction that leaves space for the viewer, does not impose, but invites. The works are created plein air, Gaisser leaves her workshop to paint, goes outside and turns nature into her studio.
Sometimes she chooses a small detail, such as snow-covered branches, as her subject, other times it’s the entire horizon. In some pictures she takes us very close to the motif, giving us the feeling that we are standing in the middle of the marsh lilies, of which we can only see a small part, while in others the mountains lie far away, separated from the viewer by a seemingly endless snowy landscape. But always the depiction is reduced to the essential, using seemingly simple means to create a tremendous opulence. In their reduction, the compositions appear almost abstract, seem to be taken from a constructivist nature, and thus develop their own highly modern visual language.