"In the paintings of Tina Buchholtz the stroke sets the rhythm and the color is his ally." Prof. Dr. M. Franke, Deutsche Guggenheim

The play of static and movement has fascinated Tina Buchholtz from the beginning. She immersed herself deeper and deeper in this structural cosmos, often filling entire paintings with nothing but these carefully applied strokes . And even if these color strokes often have something wild, even impetuous about them, as if a force of nature were at work there, Tina Buchholtz does not allow herself to be driven in her work. It is a highly concentrated, downright focused process over weeks and months, a complete immersion in the subject, the composition, and the play of colors in which her paintings emerge. If the viewer allows himself to become involved, he can observe this focusing, this immersion in himself.
Nature is one of the most important motifs for Tina Buchholtz. Her landscape paintings are impressive. But not simply in a judgmental sense, but in a substantive sense. Like the numerous layers from which she works the background of her works, her pictures are more than just a snapshot. Here arise and move their own worlds.

Instagram: tina.buchholtz

Exhibitions and art fairs:

Karin Weber Gallery Hong Kong
Art Center Gallery Berlin
Albemarle Gallery London Mayfair
Claire Green Gallery Melbourne
Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid
Hrobsky Gallery Vienna
Art Seefeld Gallery Zürich
Galleria Gallerati Rome
Friends Of The Art, Christie´s, New York
Royal College Of Arts, London
Yachting Heritage Center Robbe & Berking
Capital Club Berlin
Hardenberg Concept by Isa Countess Of Hardenberg
Kunsthalle Halle
Kunsthaus Spiekeroog
Galerie apollo9 Hamburg
Gallery zet Czech Republic

Kunstmessen - Art Fairs

Art Nanjing China
Art Canton China
London Art Fair
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
AHAF Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
Art Fair Museum Villa Rot
International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg
International Contemporary Art Fair Paris
International Contemporary Art Fair Milano

Sammlungen - Collections

Kunstsammlung Deutscher Bundestag - Art Collection German Parliament
SAP Walldorf
Hasso Plattner Förderstiftung Potsdam
Gröner Group - CG Elementum
CEO Deutsche Bahn, Dr. Richard Lutz
CEO Dussmann Group, Dr. Wolfgang Häfele
CEO Simba Dickie Group, Michael Sieber
CEO a.D. Deutsche Börse
Familie von Steinau-Steinrück
Alfredo Perl
Greenberg & Traurig LLP
Friedrich Merz
Liz Mohn
Jan Bettink
Chinh E. Chu, New York
Bollo Niemeyer Collection
Mohaupt Berlin
Oldenhof, Niederlande
Simba Dickie Group, Dubai
André Heller, Österreich
Ecolab, Zürich

Weitere Sammler aus - Further collectors from

Japan, Switzerland, NYC Upper East & Gramercy Park, Long Island, Aspen-Colorado, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and elsewhere