Janusz Siewierski deals with the human body in all of his works. As a close observer, he looks for the personal and individual expression that a person shows when interacting with others. It is mostly the small gestures that he depicts in his sculptures, sometimes he supports these with props.
His earlier works were mostly created without a model. Here he dealt intensively with expressionist models. What was important to him was the spontaneous, intuitive use of the material, with many of his sculptures being made from wood, sometimes in combination with stone, metal or concrete.
In recent years he has discovered bronze casting. In dealing with classical role models, he has also returned to working with models, because the small peculiarities of a body can be discovered most intensively on a real model. However, he is not interested in the naturalistic implementation, but in the possibility of making a body's own nature visible to the viewer through small exaggerations. The study of proportions therefore only serves him to develop new, unique forms that refer to the characteristics of a person.

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Teenager, Janusz Cesary siewierski
created 21.11.2023
created 21.11.2023