The artistic process of reflection transforms thoughts into topics that touch our lives.

At the beginning of all being is an elemental force that enables a becoming. We think of it as the very beginning of the world or space. Concerning Marianne Hopf, for her it is a force down to the here and present where her painting is based. For decades her dynamic painting transforms matter in to form and dimension. In Iceland since 2016 she encountered a landscape in which such elemental forces are spread wide open: flowing and freezing, compacting and dissolving are omnipresent. By encountering the northern lights this phenomenon corresponds with her painting: the finest compacting and dissolving paired with an unknown encounter seem like an echo of painting itself. Since then pieces of art emerge with ingenious delight which sense the creative energy where space becomes the result of compression of matter and light.

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Marianne Hopf - Portfolio
created 24.10.2023
created 24.10.2023