Color is life, life is color!

The director of the Frauenmuseum Bonn, Marianne Pitzen, writes in her foreword to the 2019 exhibition catalog: " Alexandra Weidmann's pictures tell of her own life, but also far beyond that, of what she observes with a keen eye and what touches her. The first thing you notice are the bright colors: blue, a cool green, orange and red, often pink. This has a very cheerful effect and tempts you to look more closely. The artist unfolds social life in epic vastness and monstrous variety. ... In some tableaux, this colorfulness is no longer just cheerful, but shrill, like warning lights, or the most garish, like signs of social unrest, as a warning of coming catastrophes. Other paintings are soothing in their richness of color and beauty. The artist continues to assemble picture after picture into a vast tapestry of images and social patterns from a thousand interwoven events. ... Given her interest in people and their stories, the artist Alexandra Weidmann will never run out of material and her great desire to paint will never end!”

In his foreword to the catalog of Alexandra Weidmann's exhibition at Schloss Rheinsberg 2023, gallery owner Johannes Bunk writes
"... Not only easily digestible themes, but also war, violence, and the constellations between people, which are often not free of them, are repeatedly the subject of Alexandra Weidmann's work. Through her depictions, she repeatedly refers to social conditions that lie in the background of the current situation. In this context, the artist also reveals empathy and understanding for people whose lives are shaped by traditions and role clichés. In this way, Alexandra Weidmann frees the individual from predetermined structures, which are often hierarchies, and emphasizes his or her freedom to enter into new relationships. In this way, the artist demonstrates her will to humanism and, in a broader sense, to enlightenment, even if this means that she has to unsettle her audience at first or second glance. ..."