Artist Statement

Alexandra Weidmann paints scenes of human life in bright colors, which at first glance seem cheerful and harmless. At second glance, it is often about violence. In some images, the violence that people have experienced is depicted unveiled. Most of the time, however, it is about restrictive, degrading social norms. The subtle form of violence.

The approach is figurative and narrative. Both traditional pictorial compositions and pictorial narratives are taken up. If myths are human life experiences that are almost compulsively repeated over and over again, the painter takes up such narrative schemes in order to change them by adding or exchanging players. This results in surprisingly new compositions that are still legible. If the content were conventional, one could speak of allegories. Traditional pictorial themes are taken up but changed from subtle to radical.

Supported by humanistic ideals, the painter creates her paintings with openness and empathy, coupled with wit and waggishness. The aim is to achieve more freedom (of thought) through an initial irritation. And to give joy to the viewers.