My name is Catherine Lupis Thomas

Photography is the base of my work, it marks for me the timeless in the unique moment. It has etched in me forever images of my childhood, even if the color shakes it up slightly at the end of the 60s. The contrasts awaken in me a deep emotion of realism, of hope. I am not looking for any subject in particular but let myself be touched by places, shadows, streets, factories, buildings of no apparent importance, but which on the moment disturbs me. I remain FREE in my shots, I try to capture the fleetingness of a moment in life. This is what stealing the present moment in its context, the better to see it again, to relive it later. The magic of photography within the reach of every eye ... To look, to know how to see and to appreciate what surrounds us, to be always surprised by the simple beauty of things and of life. In parallel I Tear up billboards in the streets. With them and other cut outs from magasines, and paint I transform the selected subject, street, building, landscape, with a surrealist view and a sense of derision which allows me to escape from reality. I am a self made artist, and I have built up my work and style since 2001, and since 2018 I express myself freely in the streets of Berlin, Paris and where ever I travel to! Becoming a street artist, Followed by private collectors from around the world.
In 2021, I was nominated Artist of the Year in Senlis, France, where I pasted my work, through the medieval city, creating a Pop Art contrast. I also through the year shared my work and experience with students from colleges and lycées. Transmitting my energy and creativity to the young generation is vital to me, especially after the traumatic pandemic we all had to cope with.