The poster for the Guerilla Girls\' campaign, which reads »Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum?«
Art & Politics

Art does politics – but this does not only refer to the work. Art politicizes itself not only through its creator. The scene also reproduces injustices of which it is not always aware. Nevertheless, those who are involved discuss in public: Who does an artwork belong to? Is it necessary to have a women's quota? What can art contribute to climate protection? Who is involved in sponsoring museums and galleries? Controversies that the Art.Salon does not want to let go unnoticed.

Green New Deal for the arts

While artists have been addressing the issue of climate change in their work for years, the art industry as such has been quiet for a long time. With the Corona crisis, problems have now come to light whose solutions can have a positive impact on the climate crisis as well.

by Luwi Funke, September 13, 2021

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