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The art world has many stories to tell. Not every one gets the attention it deserves. The scene is too quick to focus on traditions or short-lived hypes that only help a few achieve their fifteen minutes of fame. It forgets what art and people are all about: diversity. The Art.Salon presents institutions and personalities that stand out through creativity and commitment and even give a voice to those who are otherwise not heard.

Efraim Habermann

With city views of Berlin, Efraim Habermann became known to a broad public as a photographer in the 1960s. His works are characterized early on by a distinctive, concise style and unusual perspectives. Today, after a 50-year creative phase, he has an extensive body of photographic work, consistently in black and white, with numerous series from Israel, Venice and Berlin, still lifes, portraits and photographic collages. Habermann's »pearls«, his mostly constructivist watercolors, geometric forms in strong colors, finely balanced into a postcard-sized composition, seem almost like a commentary on his own conception of the image. An extensive exhibition of works from the artist's private archive can now be seen in Berlin from mid-February.

by Felix Brosius, February 04, 2023

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