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Colour will be our guest

From August 25, everything in our exhibition rooms in Berlin will revolve around the theme of color, and we are extremely pleased that the artists Heikedine Günther, Paola Neumann, Sybille Pattscheck, Susanne Stähli, and Kerstin Vegelahn have accepted our invitation to exhibit with us, allowing us to present their works together with those of Tomislav Topic and Luise von Rohden from artnow Gallery's permanent program.

by Felix Brosius, August 18, 2022
#colour - Exhibition Teaser
#colour - Exhibition in Berlin

»I prefer living in colour«

That was David Hockney‘s answer when asked why he was moving from England to California. Colour affects our feelings, determines our perception, has such a deep impact on us that it influences life decisions. In art, colour has always played a central role - with the exhibition #colour, we are now bringing it as a topic into focus. For in all the works shown here, the artists not only use colour as a material, rather, they stage it, give it a platform, make colour their subject. As reduced as many works appear at first glance, as complex are their colour effects. When they are surrounded by light, they play with light no less than with our sensory perception. They deliberately seek to deceive our eyes, to disavow the analytical gaze, to let feeling triumph over intellect. Full of depth, full of life, full of colour. Let yourself get involved - ideally directly at the

Vernissage on August 25
from 18:00 clock
at Fasanenstraße 42, 10719 Berlin.

If you can not make it to the vernissage, you will have the opportunity to see the exhibition afterwards until October 6, every Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00. Your visit will be rewarded with impressive works of seven very different artistic positions, one artist and six female artists who work with ink, wax, oil, acrylic, cords, fiberglass and other materials to provoke ever new and surprising color effects.

Heikedine Günther

»The Core« is the leitmotif that Heikedine Günther follows in all her works. The core as the origin of everything new, a center of power, a symbol of potential, but also a symbol of the longing for the existential. The Swiss artist's works, which are multi-layered in the truest sense of the word and are created in a process of numerous overpaintings, combine natural forms with a high degree of abstraction, often picking up on polycultural symbols that directly affect the viewer even without knowledge of the intellectual basis.

Core No. 272 by Heikedine Günther
Picture: Moritz Herzog
Heikedine Günther - Core No. 272

Paola Neumann

Paola Neumann dissolves boundaries in order to make them visible. In the case of the Berlin-based artist, it’s worth taking a look at the development of her work from the early paintings to the present day. Coming from the color field painting with clearly defined areas of color, these dissolve in later paintings more and more, fuse, merge into each other. Her current works show diffuse clouds of color full of energy, boundless, as if frozen in motion, seeking to capture forever this one, unheard-of moment from an endless continuum of states. A painterly novella that breaks boundaries and lets chaos and beauty emerge.

Artwork without title by Paola Neumann
Artwork by Paola Neumann

Sybille Pattscheck

Sybille Pattscheck creates a new dimension between plane and space, created only from color and light. She paints with the age-old technique of encaustic, her material is color pigments bound in wax, which she applies to glass or Plexiglas. The results are informal compositions of high luminosity and plastic depth. The works of the artist, who lives near Cologne, appear at first glance to be strictly reduced, and yet they are of enormous complexity, full of tension and life. Sensitively composed, they nevertheless unfold a powerful calm that is immediately transmitted to the viewer.

Bleu Infini by Sybille Pattscheck
Bleu infini by Sybille Pattscheck

Luise von Rohden

A central design element in Luise von Rohden's drawings is the glazing effect of ink. The artist, who was born in Gotha in 1990, creates complex systems that often go back to a simple basic gesture, to a sequence of seemingly repetitive lines that meet in a variety of ways, overlapping here and allowing for recesses there. Out of a few color tones a broad color spectrum unfolds, in the intersections of the lines ever new color values are formed, which let the strict composition of the picture shine vividly colorful. Not every viewer succeeds in deciphering the picture's composition right away, yet hardly anyone can escape its effect.

Faltung hv2d by Luise von Rohden
Picture: Thomas Bruns
Faltung hv2d by Luise von Rohden

Susanne Stähli

Color has an impact. This, one may well assume, is a basic conviction of Susanne Stähli. But how exactly color unfolds its effect, depending on context, light and perspective, its effect in space and on the viewer, is something the artist, born in Munich in 1959, traces in her works in ever new ways. In doing so, she takes herself back as a person, does not want to convey her subjectivity, but allows the color to work out of itself in the entire spectrum of possibilities. Thus arise sometimes very light, fluid compositions of glazing ink and then again strict color field designs with acrylic and oil, withdrawn in the formal language, leaving the field to the color. 

Artwork without title by Susanne Stähli
Artwork by Susanne Stähli

Tomislav Topic

Tomislav Topic is a color artist who transforms every medium into a stage that seems to be created only for this one performance, in which it is all about staging color, giving it a form, giving it movement and breathing life into it. In doing so, the artist, born in 1985 in Hanover, takes a formally and creatively extremely versatile approach to his work, dipping paper sheets into color baths, applying color with strikers, working with airbrush and spray cans, developing his own color carrier materials, and arranging colored grids into spatial color installations. As diverse as the results are, they all place color at the center and give it an unexpected effect with enormous appeal to the viewer.

Interplay 11 by Tomislav Topic
Interplay 11 by Tomislav Topic

Kerstin Vegelahn

The visual understanding of Kerstin Vegelahn is pan-mondial. The artist, born 1965 in Hamburg, lived for a long time in Paris, Barcelona, Manila and Hong Kong, absorbed everywhere numerous impressions, which she transfers today in her works into a very own color and visual language. In doing so, she also uses a very unique technique, first working with the quite traditional material of color pigment in wax, applying this layer by layer to a canvas, only to break it up again at certain points and remove it. This creates intense color landscapes with a concise character, which probably tempt every viewer to associative mind games.

Venus Unplugged by Kerstin Vegelahn
Venus unplugged by Kerstin Vegelahn

Rather live in color - we look forward to your visit!


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