Kunsthaus Bregenz: Solo Show with Monira Al Qadiri

The Oil, the Extraterrestrial

Humans are dependent on oil, the finite resource that is responsible for numerous environmental disasters. Artist Monira Al Qadiri (*1983) creates an image for the raw material: oil as an extraterrestrial being that permeates every corner of modern existence. Kunsthaus Bregenz will let Al Qadiri's allegory affect visitors starting April 22 - multidimensional works poignantly tell how humans have lost control over oil.  

April 22, 2023
Monira Al Qadiri  Onus, 2022
Photo: Francisco Ramos Courtesy of the artist © Monira Al Qadiri
Monira Al Qadiri Onus, 2022

»An extraterrestrial being lives among us. It is hundreds of millions of years old an ancient alien,« artist Monira Al Qadiri (*1983) creates the image of oil. The invisible, chameleon-like creature permeates every corner of our modern existence, sometimes infiltrating it completely unnoticed. With this allegory, Al Qadiri has created all sorts of new works over the past ten years most recently including those created especially for her solo show at Kunsthaus Bregenz. Beginning April 22, visitors to Mutant Passages will reap the fruits of her research into oil as a raw material.

From large, inflatable sculptures that float overhead, to large-scale, shimmering and rotating objects, to replicas of snail shells and bird carcasses, the audience experiences scientific representations, images of oil extraction and environmental disasters. Al Qadiri's new works are jarring. They illustrate human dependence on oil and its destructive power to various organisms. Through July 2, interested visitors will experience in a vivid, multidimensional way how Al Qadiri translates the »problem child« oil into speaking images.Art.Salon

Monira Al Qadiri  Holy Quarter, 2020  Installationsansicht Haus der Kunst, München, 2020
Photo: Maximilian Geuter Courtesy of the artist © Monira Al Qadiri, Haus der Kunst
Monira Al Qadiri, Holy Quarter, 2020 , Exhibition view, Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2020

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