Fondation Beyeler shows Wayne Thiebaud

Sensual abundance

Pop Art artist Wayne Thiebaud literally imposed himself with his fat cakes and pies. Similar to Udo Jürgens' with Aber bitte mit Sahne, Thiebaud found a language for the oversaturated affluent society with his pictures. The Fondation Beyeler will bring its visitors closer to the artist's complexity starting January 29.

January 29, 2023
Wayne Thiebaud, Bakery Case, 1996 Oil on Canvas, 167,9 x 187,9 cm
Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, the Netherlands © Wayne Thiebaud Foundation / 2022, ProLitteris, Zurich, Photo: Antoine van Kaam
Wayne Thiebaud, Bakery Case, 1996 , Oil on canvas, 167,9 x 187,9 cm

Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud (1920 to 2021) died only two years ago – and turned 101. It is bizarre that the number of years he lived is reminiscent of the title of a Disney animated film: after all, he himself worked for a short time in the cartoon department of the film giant. Thiebaud began his career as a graphic designer. It was his still lifes of sumptuous cakes, muffins, pies and ice cream that made him famous. The food depicted served him as an allegory for the affluent society, the  »American Way of Life«. With tactile layers of paint he let the surfeit symbolically swell into the third dimension. Through his imposing painting technique, the pictures rank between the real and the imagined world, between irony and melancholy.

The Fondation Beyeler in Riehen near Basel approaches Wayne Thiebaud's work in a multi-layered way in the exhibition of the same name. Starting January 29, it will present still lifes and portraits alongside multi-perspective cityscapes and landscapes. The exhibition ends on May 21, 2023.Art.Salon

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Efraim Habermann

With city views of Berlin, Efraim Habermann became known to a broad public as a photographer in the 1960s. His works are characterized early on by a distinctive, concise style and unusual perspectives. Today, after a 50-year creative phase, he has an extensive body of photographic work, consistently in black and white, with numerous series from Israel, Venice and Berlin, still lifes, portraits and photographic collages. Habermann's »pearls«, his mostly constructivist watercolors, geometric forms in strong colors, finely balanced into a postcard-sized composition, seem almost like a commentary on his own conception of the image. An extensive exhibition of works from the artist's private archive can now be seen in Berlin from mid-February.

by Felix Brosius, February 04, 2023
Retrospective in Berlin

In the exhibition Efraim Habermann - Photography and Watercolor, artnow Gallery, which is associated with, presents a comprehensive exhibition of the photographs and watercolors of Berlin-based artist Efraim Habermann.

by Felix Brosius, February 04, 2023